10 Exercises for a Jean-Worthy Butt


Fall is all about the jeans and jeans are all about the butt. Case in point, nobody buys a pair of jeans without first giving their behind a thorough examination in the mirror.

But if you want a firm round butt that is jeans-worthy (like our role model Jennifer Aniston’s), it’s not going to happen magically.

Check out the following 10 exercises for a better bum. Be sure to alternate between exercises and work your way up to 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps every other day.

1. Squats: This is the go to exercise for buns perfectly done. Add some weights, for an extra challenge. To do a basic squat, stand with feet hip width apart, bend your knees, lean into your heels and squat down making sure that your knees don’t go past your toes. Meanwhile, you should stick your chest out and keep you abs firm. As you come up, squeeze your butt and inner thighs.

2. Lunges: These not only work magic on the butt, they also work the entire leg in the process. For the standard lunge, begin with feet together. Keep your back straight and your core firm. Take a large step forward. Bend the back knee slightly. Bend the front knee without allowing it to go past your toes. Push up lunging forward to return to standing position.
You can do this exercise with your hands at your side or using a medicine ball by raising the ball every time you lunge forward and lowering it when returning to standing position.

3. Step Ups: For glutes of steel, step ups are the way to go. To get a good workout make sure the step is high enough. This exercise is fairly self-explanatory. You simply place one foot up on the step while placing all your weight onto the other foot, pushing into the heel and stepping up. To avoid injury, your knee should be bent to 90 degrees or less.

4. Hip Extensions: Hip extensions are another excellent exercise for the glutes. Get on your hands and knees, keep your abs firm, your back straight and lift up one leg 90 degrees with the knee bent. Lift the leg until the foot is facing the ceiling. Your hip, knee and thigh should be parallel to the floor. Repeat this exercise with the other knee.

5. One-legged dead lifts:
One-legged dead lifts are good for the lower back, butt and hamstrings. All you do is take the left leg back just a bit, gently resting on the toe. With the weights in your hands in front of your thighs, bend from the hips and lower the weights so that the dumbbells are at shin level. Palms should be facing your legs, chest out, abs firm and knees slightly bent. Squeezing your butt and hamstrings raise yourself up back to standing position. Do not do this exercise if you have back problems.

6. Glute Extensions: To do this glute exercise, lie on a bench on your back with legs bent and dangling off the edge. Hold on to the bench with your hands and with knees facing downwards and feet facing the ceiling, lift your feet upwards while squeezing your butt. Your thighs should not be higher than your hips or abs.

7. Butt tightener using the exercise ball: If you want a nice firm butt, try this one. Lie face down on an exercise ball with abs and hips resting on the ball. Stretch out your arms and hold on to a chair or something stable nearby for balance. Feet and legs together, raise them off the floor, squeezing your butt together for
a count of three. Legs should not be raised any higher than your hips or abs. Lower your legs back down to the floor.

8. Fencing: Being able to fence with swords may not seem relevant in the modern world, but it will give you a killer butt, which never loses its relevancy. Fencing is a sport of continuous lunges. It also works your stomach and thigh muscles in addition to burning a ridiculous number of calories, approximately 380 per hour. Not to mention chicks with swords is totally hot as popularized by Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill: Vol 2 (talk about great butts!) Click here to find fencing classes near you.

9. Kickboxing: Another sexy fighting sport that gives you a fabulous derrière is kickboxing. Kicks work your hips, thighs and butt. Like fencing, kickboxing affords even greater cardio and calorie burning opportunities. Click here for kick boxing courses.

10. Running, hiking, walking: If you don’t have the time or patience for any of the above exercises, simply walking or going for a jog on a regular basis will help keep your behind in shape. Add in a few hills to give the glutes more of a challenge.

Source: Virtual Trainer

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